• Montreal, Canada

Théâtre de Verdure

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    City of Montreal
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    Montreal, Canada
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Where landscape takes the stage

The Théâtre de Verdure in Montreal’s emblematic La Fontaine Park has been a time-honored venue for outdoor artistic productions in the city since 1956. However, its decaying facilities demanded solutions that would preserve the site’s heritage while writing a new chapter of possibilities for theater and dance.

A rejuvenation project blending history with bold design, the site is now the story of a renewed relationship between architecture and landscape where the theatre and the park, the built and the natural, are interwoven. An island-like stage bordered by water opens at the back, serving as a grand window to the public and its surroundings, while seating for 2,500 spectators is integrated into surrounding elevations of forestry. All told, the amphitheater’s reconstruction comes together as one green jewel, recut and repolished to fit immaculately into the park’s crown of attractions where a show-goer’s gaze explores the park as park-goers turn a curious eye to the theater.

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